That thing called surviving

thinking big

Hey friends!

I’m back for another hopefully useful post for you. I just wanted to share with you guys my 2017 survival kit, there isn’t really much but I felt the need to share since life has been coming at me pretty hard these days and it’s only the third month of the year!

Like, wot u tryna do 2 mi thought we were frands.

So it’s literally only been week 2 of being back at university for me and this is my last year (definitely already feeling the pressure here) hence this post. If I see you often and you’re reading this, you would already know that my most awaited trip of the year has been cut short from 3 weeks to barely 7 days 💔💔💔 If this has happened to you, then you would already know how this feels! I was really excited to share my three-week adventure in America with you & all the photos I could take during my trip but unfortunately uni life happened and all I can do was to prioritise my studies over a holiday. But luckily I’ll still be there for a week so keep an eye out on my Instagram!

*lowkey advertises my instagram – check meowt at thingsbyclarence



First things, first. 


My day at uni is never complete without a coffee cup in my hand. This is basically how I survive in my lectures and classes and my whole day. Pretty sure I’m now made of 60% espresso & chocolate.



Item #2


I have never been a planning kinda gal but this year i feel that I have to be, and with my degree ending it’s probably a good idea to train myself to organise and write my sh*t down. I actually Just got this planner from Kikki.K (shoutout to bae for my bday present) and I just LOVE it cos *it’s pink* but mainly because it’s not 2017 specific – you have no idea how many planners I’ve wasted because I always forget I have one and I can’t reuse it anymore cos the year after will be different. But this is even more perfect cos I got my initials monogrammed on it!



Item #3


Of course my phone is gonna be on here. How can one survive without it?



Item #4


Cos it magically fits all the cards I need – ie debit cards, driver’s license & even my gym pass so I have no excuse to not go. This one’s from The Daily Edited.



Item #5


How can I survive anything without my not-so-little fur baby. The best stress-reliever to ever exist on this planet. JUST LOOK HOW CUTE 💖


and here’s another one



AAAND that’s it from me!

How are You going this year? Tell me some of your tips and tricks! And while you’re at it, if you have a pet I WANT TO SEE.


Till next blog xx


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