Kangaroo Valley

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed (or not) that I was m.i.a for a few days & that’s cos I literally did not have access to any of my social media accounts since I was far out of the radar (well not too far, just 2 hours out of the city) but far enough that my connection cut off. I spent a few days at Kangaroo Valley which was a couple of hours drive from Sydney. It was such an amazing stay mostly because my cousin got married there and partly cos of the beautiful location. It was the most perfect intimate place for adventure seekers & those who need a break from the city buzz (me!)

I’ve taken some snaps to share with you & I hope you enjoy them & that it would make you want to go and visit!


Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

The place had cabins where you can comfortably stay at to rest and relax. Here are pics of me sneaking around my family’s cabin 😏

 So I planned to show you guys the inside of the cabins and I took photos but unfortunately my phone died on me along with all of my Kangaroo Valley snaps 😭 and I was only halfway to writing this blog when I lost them 💔

Lesson of the day: always back up your photos

What I do have are some shots of the venue and the most amazing views!


This wasn’t the first wedding held at the Bush Retreat so the walk to the wedding venue was pretty easy but there was definitely still a sense of adventure when you’re walking through the bushes!
On our way to the location was this cute little section: A BIG MIRROR underneath a massive rock that acts as a roof. This came as a great surprise cos I had no idea there will be a little prep area for the bride/guests 💕


It’s just the most adorable adventure-filled outdoor wedding I’m grateful to be a part of 🍃 the photo speaks for its own beauty but it’s a different feeling when you’re standing in the midst of nature 🌲

Another of my favourite parts of Kangaroo Valley was their Sunset Deck, although I wasn’t actually able to see the sun set from the deck, the view 100% made up for it 🌞

My partner and I wanted to capture more of the view so we decided to trek a little bit more & walked to the rocks just next to the deck & boy was it worth it 🌲🌲🌲

I definitely feel nothing but love towards Kangaroo Valley – it was an amazing & almost magical weekend ✨

Till next blog lovelies x


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