Top Instagrammers 2017

Hey guys!

So I’ve been scrolling through my instagram feed lately (yep, what’s new?) and I realised I only ever see posts from accounts who’s photos I liked most often, I think this might be due to Instagram’s new-ish algorithm which I’m still torn about loving and/or hating this feature. LOVE cos I get to be updated on my favourite instagrammers’ posts but hate (I use this word very lightly) because it gets repetitive and I love seeing new things on Instagram.

But hey! Silver lining was it gave me something to write about (I’ve been having some writers block recently so if you have any suggestions on how to deal with it, please please let me know! I’m still getting used to the blogging world and would love some tips and tricks on how to keep my blog alive & kickin’)

Let’s get to it! I’ve listed my Top 10 Instagrammers within 3 categories Fashion, Lifestyle and Design. I hope you found someone you loved from my lists and if you did, I’d love to know who you ended up following!)





Leave me your instagram link & I’ll check it out! Also while you’re at it, come give me a visit  @thingsbyclarence 🙂

Till next blog!



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