Everyday Beauty Essentials

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Here’s to my second blog of the year! YAY! One of my to-do’s this year is actually to write more often about things I want to share with you guys; whether it be fashion, lifestyle or design-related! This post is going to be about the beauty tools I use when I get ready everyday. I use these products daily because they are just A-mazing & works so well with my picky skin! This is going to be a lengthy one but I hope you enjoy it!

So here is goes ~


Real Techniques Brushes from Priceline – ★★★★★

I’ve been using these bad boys for two years now and they are definitely worth my money! The soft bristles are so good to my skin and I’ve never even thought of buying replacement brushes.

MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation – ★★★★★

Where do I even begin? I’ve searched high and low for a foundation that’s not thick and heavy for my face especially in summer here at Sydney. Some foundations make you feel like your face is literally melting off when wearing foundation but this one stays on all day and doesn’t make my face look extra oily

InkLiner by Kat von D – ★★★★★

You’ll notice in this post I own quite a few products from KvD and that’s because of their outstanding quality – this liquid eye liner is one of the best ones I’ve ever used. Eye liners are the staple in my makeup bag – I just have to have them and ever since trying the InkLiner, I’m never looking back!

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Face Moisturiser by Frank – ★★★★☆

The only reason why Frank didn’t get the full five stars is cos it doesn’t really stay on for that long. But it does the job of moisturising and keeping my face clean and acne free!

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Shock by Calvin Klein – ★★★★★

My absolute favourite scent! It has a very floral fragrance with hints of passion flower, pink peony and poppy. The perfect scent for everyday use!


I’m only going to write about two items from this photo, the moisturiser & my favourite highlighter!

Celestial facial moisturiser from Lush Cosmetics – ★★★☆☆

This Lush face moisturiser isn’t really the best for my skin-type and that’s why it didn’t get a higher rating. It makes my skin feels very oily overtime & only somewhat moisturised. This is just my back-up moisturiser but I like to keep it there incase I need it. If you guys have any suggestions about facial moisturisers, please please please let me know if you’ve found the perfect one for yourself especially for an oily & dry skin!

LunchMoney Highlighter by ColourPop – ★★★★★

AHH ColourPop – I just had to get this highlighter. It’s the best one I’ve used to far & I’m just so inlove with it. LunchMoney has a champagne-y tone making it look less white on my face when I apply it. I have a tanned skin and having this colour definitely works well as it doesn’t make me look cakey!

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Naked2 Basics by Urban Decay – ★★★★★

If you’re one of the people who knows me, you’d know I’m not one to wear eyeshadows unless it’s a special occasion or someone else wanted to do it for me! I don’t use them frequently only because I suck at applying them but also because I love leaving my winged-eyeliner alone & obvious! BUT in saying all this, I’ve had this palette for a couple of years now and it’s just all I need – it has the perfect combo of blacks and browns and nudes that are great for some smokey eye here & there ~~


Shade & Light Contour Palette by Kat von D – ★★★★★

Another five stars for KvD! This was one of the most expensive beauty tool I’ve ever purchased but definitely worth my money. The palette is perfect for beginners and the colours are so pigmented! It lasts for the whole day for me and it hasn’t damaged my skin from wearing it nearly everyday. It’s a definite must-have for you!

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YAY LIPPIES!! I can’t believe you’re still reading my post but I’m so happy that you are! I know I’m just blabbing on about my stuff but I hope you’re taking something from it too ♥

Here are the lippies I use nearly everyday especially for work! They are great nude-y shades & that will definitely glam up your style! I rate all of them with ★★★★★ because they’re just amazing and they never dry up my lips!

Patina by Stila

Lolita (liquid lipstick) by Kat von D

Lolita (lipstick) by Kat von D

Teeny Tiny by ColouPop

Fig from the Melted collection by TooFaced

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Here’s the last thing in my little ‘essentials’ tray – my Pandora box! ( and a makeshift coinbank using a Glasshouse candle box)


If I get a few requests I’ll definitely show you guys my collection & review them for you as well! But for now, thank you so much for reading and also let me know if you found anything from this post helpful and/or beneficial to you!

Till next blog lovelies x




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