New Year, New Wardrobe (ish)

First things first, HAPPY 2017 to you! And to celebrate, I’ll be sharing with you all a few Christmas steals that I got from the never ending and irresistible sales around Sydney! Check out brands such as Bardot, Sportsgirl, Kookai & a few others!

PS. I didn’t realise how bad my self-control was in terms of my shopping habits, until I decided to write & take photos for this blog >.< 

BUT happy wardrobe means happy me  😉 so I’m really not that mad at myself lol

Plus I work in retail and we all know how stressful that gets! 


So here it goes!

Tops from Kookai (left) & the Miss Shop (right)

$40 shorts from Bardot are just the greatest!


This yellow lacey dress I got from Sportsgirl was definitely one of my favourite steals! Sale price was $49.95 but I got a further  50% off so I ended up only paying around $25 ❤


These $12 hats from Supre are the cutest thing ever


So this pair of white sneakers from Lacoste weren’t on sale but I just couldn’t resist; How adorable are those embossed crocodile logo! Bought this online from the iconic and they literally came the next day – brownie points for great service ★


Leaving the links here that leads to the items I have on this post; so if you liked anything maybe check to see if they’ve still got it in stock!


Miss Shop





Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment below your favourite purchases of the season! would love to see them ♡

Till next blog! x


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