Christmas Wrapping

This is how I prepped for Christmas giving this year! Whether you celebrate it or not, I still think this would be useful to you. I love wrapping my own presents cos I get to explore with different materials and design & IT’S FUN! This technique isn’t Christmas-specific so you can definitely use it for any event you’re going to, plus it gives your present more personality & LOVE.
My theme this year is rustic so I pulled out my favourite wrapping paper that I’ve been using all year. I always buy plain wrapping paper, it makes it more re-usable and adaptable to any event. This year I’m using my brown roll that I also sometimes use for my sketches (very handy, yes) & it was very inexpensive! Follow my step-by-step photos below & you’ll be ready to go!
+ brown paper (or any plain wrapping paper you have really)
+ string (got this from my local art shop)
+ sticky tape
+ brush pen (I’m using the Pentel Calligraphy pen, available at Kinokuniya)
Β  would reccommend using a Sharphie as an alternative though

Step 4 is just wrapping it like how you normally would.

Hope this helped on giving you ideas as to how to wrap your beautiful presents this year!
Would love to see if you tried doing this so make sure you tag me on Instagram especially!


Till next blog lovelies x


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